Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do these skin-tight pants make my butt look big?

Are you losing your mind over the lululemon athletica founder's comments on thigh chafage? Does Chip Wilson just absolutely grind your gears and you will no longer support this awful company? Can you fully explain to me why what Wilson said was "wrong"?

I am lululemon's target market if you don't count my tax bracket - healthy, active, [white] woman. I have spent thousands of dollars on their product, and their damn pants are the best workout pants that have ever been invented. The britches work for my body and soothe my slightly narcissistic side as well, since said pants also look good and fit the glutes well. 

My thighs all times. They touch when I stand, walk, run, do thighs are fucking strong. I have no issue with Wilson's comments.

He said the fabric may pill a bit when your thighs rub together. Yes, this is how fabric works unless you put leather patches on it. I mean, I had that on the knees of my riding breeches because that's where those made contact with the saddle...pressure does equal visible wear. 

Do many people tend to wear workout pants that are too small for them? Absolutely. Will this stretch out the fabric and make it easier to wear down and possibly become more sheer? Absolutely. Nike pants do the same thing, folks...last pair of Nike tights I bought were $80 - bout the same as lulu - same little sweatshop fingers stitching those too...are we only mad because some dude pointed out the obvious?

Wilson's comments on breast cancer being linked to women's prominence in the workplace have also been taken out of context. Here's his original blog post on that. So, it's not well-written, but other than that, he's not too far off base when speaking in generalities. People called him sexist for this piece. I'm a feminist. I take no shit. I wasn't offended, and I didn't find him to be speaking poorly of women. If anything, what I got from it is that men evolve slowly (der).

Here's the problem I have with the lu - I bought their stuff in the early 2000s when everything was made in Canada, and that shit lasted forever. The quality has gone down because they've grown so big so fast that they outsourced to keep up with production. It's the WalMart effect. However, lulu has still managed to have a better product than anyone else. Yes, their Ayn Rand worship is a bit much. Yes, they don't target to larger bodies. But, isn't this the founder's prerogative? I can think of heaps of stores that don't carry sizes over a 12 that aren't receiving the same wrath as lulu.

So, what exactly are you mad about? I hope your day is good, and that your 'check engine' light in your Lexus doesn't come on while you grab a latte on your way to barre class.


  1. I love you so much. I am clapping my thighs in appreciation of this post. ;)

    1. Thanks sugarplum. I appreciate greatly your beautiful thighs.