Friday, December 20, 2013


With all the damn duck drama lately that I'm quite sure is mostly an attempt at a ratings boost for a cable TV show, people are dividing on social media like it's election season. I'm most pained by the rather insane interpretations of the ever-so-important First Amendment, but I'm also repulsed by the memes and commentary that go something along the lines of, "A redneck made a redneck comment about gays and blacks and everyone is surprised." Obviously, this is a mocking statement about how we shouldn't be shocked when someone we assume is an idiot acts like an idiot.

Oh good. Let's perpetuate stereotypes and make sure that like groups of people are never removed from that group. Let's make absolutely certain that we can keep them in their box that fits them so they're more easy to despise.

See the problem? Now, we've made it us versus them. Pretty sure there's not a single thing in the history of civilization that's worked out civilly when that's the take.

Some gazillionaire named Phil made some nasty comments about groups he wanted to remain in the "them" category. And, in true mob mentality fashion, he did it in the name of religion. If I were Christian, I'd be deeply offended that he used my faith to promote such revolting beliefs (though I'd defend his right to do so to the death...these are not contradicting statements). To excuse his hateful words because he's a "redneck" is to allow the narrow-minded belief to flourish. Somehow, it's ok because he "doesn't know better."

The not knowing better alibi is bullshit and makes my skin crawl. That's like hearing an elderly person use the word "nigger" and laughing it off because the old dickhead "didn't know better." Right. They've been alive for 80 years. Pretty sure that word has been racist and awful for all 80.

If you allow commentary that exists to do nothing but keep a particular group down, you're also a part of keeping them down with your inaction. Obviously I'm not talking about government intervention. Calm your tits. I'm talking about you - the one with the sense - not being a pussy and speaking out when an individual turns a matter into us versus them.

Because here's the thing - we aren't those groups. We aren't defined by religion, race, sexual orientation, or any other damn one thing, and being so complex is easily the most interesting thing about us.

I hope this Phil guy is an act, but whether he is or not, just look at how divisive folks got - over a racist, bigot, reality TV star. How can we be so quick to justify oppression with a lameass rationalization because we want to be on a side?

Stand up for each other, and stop sucking.


  1. "Don't be a pussy" and "stop sucking". I heart you.

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  2. I forgot "Calm your tits". Because it is awful when my tits get upset. They yell and scream and basically act like raging bitches. I for one am much happier when my tits are calm. :)

    1. Love you, Julie. Excited tits are always one extreme or the other.